This game was created as part of the A Game By Its Cover Jam 2018. Jam aimed to develop a game based on of the cartridge covers from the Famicase Exhibition 2018. The cover to Tlit was created by Mahesa Almeida, the font that I used m6x11 designed by Daniel Linssen and music composed by Sonicslang.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Space to jump for keyboard. Left Analog Stick to move and X to jump for Xbox controller. 


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I really like the aesthetic of the game and I applaud you for it, but the movement was immensely frustrating and when you get past the stair bit to the impossible part with the moving boxes it sends you all the way back which makes the experience very unpleasant. I also don't understand why you would even include a very delayed hop when you stand still.

Either way, it's still a nice looking game and it's obvious you put effort into this! Don't let the comments on the controls bring you down. It's a nice game and an interesting take on the cover! :)


I'll try harder for not to use asset packages and hacking them instead of writing the entire mechanic by myself. Also I'm trying to specialize on shaders and ambience so this has been very motivating, thanks for playing.

The recovery mechanism needs some work. (just lost a lot of progress due to one missed jump as most of the safe points were between recovery points and thus missed.)

Couldn't get any better of the recovery mechanism. Tried checkpoint system and didn't like the approach so I did rewrite the recovery system but it didn't make a major difference :( Thanks for the feedback though

The jump had just this little delay that made the visually experience. But good work on the character and colors

Thanks for the feedback


Superb game, though i was awful at it, the animation of the character is very slick and I liked the inertia element. I have made a video of some of the games from AGBIC Jam and included yours, I hope you don't mind. Thanks for letting us play it!

As I've seen you struggle, it was obvious to fix movement and jumping. Thanks for playing btw

I think its more to do with my very poor hand to eye coordination. I enjoyed it anyway, thanks again!


I love games with surreal graphics - the surfaces made my eyes hurt a little and it was awesome! This is a pretty good platformer too, although the jumping/movement takes a little getting used to, particularly when you can jump. Really smooth animations. I think you've made a fun little submission to the AGBIC Jam! 

Thanks for the feedback, I've changed the jumping/movement mechanics as you suggested so.