This game is still on development, for those who want to check progress; Roadmap here! It's abandoned and will not get any updates soon.

Inspired by the Flyover Indies Learning Jam then I thought it would be cool to combine pinball and breakout as Game Off 2018 suggested "Hybrid" for the theme. All the objects are still placeholders and it will be a major update after I decide a color palette and a visual style overall. Source code will be available through the Github.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Breakout, Pinball

Development log


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Great game !but I have encontered many bugs do fix them

Oh hello, I'm working on ball speed and ball stuck issues, please do specify the other bugs so I can fix them.  Thanks for the comment


I also ended up having the ball get stuck.  Adding a few more pinball elements would be interesting but then we get a little away from the hybrid.  Have to keep the correct balance.


+1 for ball cam.  


Love it so far. Controlling it with the mouse feels great. It kind of feels like Gunbarich with a bigger play field, which I like.


Pretty rad! I didn't realize how much harder pinball became when you made the flippers move! At one point the ball got stuck somewhere, so adding a table "bump" function might be cool!

I need to build proper levels asap for preventing the ball stuck, but bump feature might really be cool gotta check it too


Nice game.Finishing all the blocks should be celebrated.


ball cam is a nice touch

I updated it to follow ball now. After placing the scene details it would be worth to have.